7 Seasons album review by Paul Sarcich,

” …a really interesting mix of feels and instrumentations over the various tracks….really catchy feel and great choice of orchestration….it’s a terrific piece of work for a debut album.” Paul Sarcich (composer, arranger, conductor and lecturer at Morley College)

7 Seasons album review by Kwaku

“…display of wide musical styles, I like the positive telling lyrics. Interesting fusion of drum & bass..the opener gives me the expectation of a going on a pleasant roots reggae trip listening to the album. But of course one gets a rude shock, it’s not a reggae album. Nice song though – quite strong and radio friendly…..a nice funky track to dance to, a very nice highlife, which I can see being a party/dance favourite – nice positive words too. With the rise of Afrobeats, this is indeed the time of Africa in Britain!” Kwaku (Music critic, Industry expert, founder and editor of Black Music Congress)

Comment from Mayor of Harrow on the African child poem:

“…those who are going through bullying at school; when people are calling you names, your response can be this poem.” Cllr. Nana Asante (Mayor of Harrow, London UK)

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