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Eku McGred is a gifted musician, poet and songwriter with over 12years of service in the music ministry. He has worked alongside many churches, helping them train and develop their singers and musicians. He currently serves at a local parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in the UK.


Eku McGred (aka George During) was born in Freetown Sierra Leone. After finishing his college education he travelled to England to pursue a degree in Electronics Technology. He graduated with Bsc Honours in Electronics Technology from Coventry and Msc in Engineering Business Management from Warwick University.


Eku McGred is a multi-talented creative young man with a heart for entrepreneurship and a passion for converting people’s potential into productive skills for wealth creation and the fulfilment of purpose. His first book ‘Worship Through The Storm’ is gradually climbing up the ladder to become one of the best book written on the subject of Christian worship. It is becoming a much recommended reading for those going through difficult times.


First published in 2010, the ‘African Child’ poem has gone around the world with children as far afield as the Philipines and USA reciting the poem and using it as a learning tool.

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